Terry clock is an original and luxurious decoration complement designed by Andrea Lucatello.
Its shape has been designed to mix two functions: clock and shelf where you can put books or any other objects.
Clock body is triangular and it’s surrounded by 3 wooden parts like needles giving a sense of movement, of flow of time.
One of its long appendages remains horizontal, for a practical shel function.
Veneered walnut and maple inlays are the noble materials used.
Clock mechanism is fitted with quartz movement, battery is included.
The generous dimensions of cm. 115 x h. 114, depth 20, make it a complement capable to decorate a wall.
It will be perfect in a living room, bedroom or office.

标签: 家居 设计 实木
ifndefine 西安木界实木家具
  • 阿辛



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